Full-service private advisory for you digital assets: custody, investments, tax advice, KYT, and more

for a digital-driven world.

Your private advisor

In addition to custodial services, we offer (have on our platform) a range of investment opportunities designed to suit your individual needs and risk tolerance. From low-risk, stable investments to more aggressive strategies, we have something for everyone.

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At Argenta Digital, we are committed to providing secure and reliable services to store, protect and grow your digital assets. Bringing decades of experience in traditional asset management and digital world our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to implementing various investment strategies designed for different clients' requests.

We partnered with the best custody providers that enable the most secure and convenient way to store digital assets.


Investment strategies

Stable Return
Money market solution providing direct exposure to digital era "treasuries" with stable return and minimal risks. Investments are diversified across key protocols to further improve stability of returns.
Portfolio consisting of two household names of modern digital revolution, Bitcoin and Ethereum, boosted by income generated through staking and liquidity farming. Up to 2x leverage.
Digital Core
DeFi Yield
Our top picks from the biggest and most competitive part of the blockchain industry to date. More volatile by nature, these investments generate much higher yields to compensate for potential drawdowns.
Base layer
Long only directional bet on success of rapidly developing digital infrastructure. Consisting of 15 hand picked protocol tokens, portfolio returns are amplified via staking and liquidity farming.
At Argenta Digital, we offer a comprehensive suite of services for digital investors. In addition to secure custodial services and investment opportunities, we also provide the following:


Our team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the complex tax landscape surrounding digital investments.
Tax advice and planning
We stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory developments and ensure that all of our services comply with applicable laws and regulations.
Regulatory compliance
We employ advanced KYT tools and processes to help prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.
Know your transaction (KYT) services
We provide seamless and secure conversion between fiat currencies and digital assets, making it easy for you to manage your assets.
Fiat on and off ramp

Asset Security

Our partnership with Fireblocks provides secure and encrypted storage for your assets to ensure all funds are protected from theft or security breaches. Fireblocks employs cutting-edge technology to safeguard the funds, providing peace of mind and a worry-free investment experience.
Safe custodial solution to protect your funds
Our approach to seed phrase management eliminates the risk of permanent loss of assets due to seed phrase loss or theft. The seed phrase is split into multiple shards, with majority of shards required to initiate a transaction.
No Seed Phrase to be Lost or Stolen
All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, allowing you to keep track of your investments and have complete visibility into the movement of your assets, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.
Transparency of Every Transaction


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